Friday, June 6, 2014

Key tips that will help you choose the Right Furnace for Your Home

Purchasing an appliance for your home can be a tough task to accomplish. Especially when you do not have the basic idea about what to look out for and how to select the best one that is available within your budget. Like every other device, the heating system in the house also will need to be replaced. People generally tend to look out for Furnace Repair Services or Furnace installation services at such times. When there is a major problem with the old furnace, it is always a good idea to get it replaced by a new one. This will help save the cost of repairing and also reduce the risks of future trouble. Let us see a few main factors that need to be considered while purchasing a furnace.
1.      Fuel Type: This can be said to be the most important factor. It is important to consider what the working of the furnace depends on. There are three options that you can select from; the gas furnace, the oil furnace and the one that works on electricity. You need to select the type of furnace that best suits you, keeping in mind the future fuel costs that you would have to bear. Although this is a complete personal choice, one would have to consider the size of the home and also make sure that you are living in a state where natural gas is available for use.

2.      Efficiency of the Furnace: The efficiency of a furnace states the amount of energy that gets converted into heat and is supplied in the home. If the efficiency of a furnace is said to be 80%, this means that the furnace converts 80% of the total energy that it gets into the heat and the remaining 20% gets wasted. Thus, higher the efficiency, better the furnace. The Electric Furnaces are considered to be the most efficient furnaces as they use 100% of the energy supplied to them. The efficiency of a furnace contributes highly into the monthly bills that you would have to pay.

3.      The size of the Unit: This is also an important factor that one would have to look into. Installing a furnace that is too big for your house will generate more heat for which it will use more energy. This will increase your monthly bills. If you buy a smaller furnace than the one that is required, it may not fulfill the main purpose for which it is installed.

It is thus important to purchase a furnace that would best suit your requirements and will help save the amount you will have to pay in the future. A consultation with a licensed HVAC Contractor would help in highlighting the main qualities of a furnace that may suit you the best.