Monday, February 3, 2014

Why to Change Air Filter Regularly?

It is the responsibility of every homeowner to maintain all their belongings properly to ensure that their investments are worthy enough. This is especially true for electronic goods. While severe malfunctions are needed to be repaired by professional mechanics, one must keep on doing certain basic things in order to ensure the longevity of a particular product. For example, changing the air filter regularly is a must-do for protecting your investment in a new heating and air conditioning system.

In fact, reputed local air conditioning companies always remind their customers to do this as it is immensely important for every air conditioning system. You might be wondering what might happen if you don’t change the air filter regularly. Here are the probable problems that might occur if you neglect the job –

Air Ventilation Fan
Air Ventilation Fan
  1. Polluted air – Since the air filter is responsible to catch all the dusts, hair, dirt of the air, it is obvious that they will spread into the air after a certain period of time, if the air filter is not changed timely. You would surely not want your family members to breathe in polluted air and ensure that clean air filters are used to help provide clean air for your family. This is immensely important for patients who suffer from allergy problems or asthma. In case you have pets at home, especially animals that shed a lot or a shagging dog, you have to be extra careful about filter changes.
  2. System failure – Due to not changing the filter for a long time, a complete failure of the air conditioner and heating system might occur. All the dirt, caught in the filter might cause major problems in the system, which in turn might lead to costly repairs.
  3. High electric bills – Dirty air filters mean you have to spend more on energy. If the filter is dirty, the system needs to work more just to get the air pumped through your house.
Due to all these problems as stated above, experts on board heating contractor encourage their existing and potential customers to check their air filters regularly and change them on time.