Thursday, March 13, 2014

Top 3 Heating & Cooling Myths

Many of us have a heating or cooling system installed in our homes. There are many maintenance issues that we usually come across. We always prefer taking up advices before we take a step forward to decide onto something. This is also seen while we are planning to install or maintain a heater or a cooler in our homes. We would prefer taking an advice from a person who already has a heating or cooling system installed in his home. Among the tips that we may receive, many may be just myths without any practical reasons. Let us go, through the main myths that are usually heard about a heating or cooling system.

  •  It is better to get a quote from the maximum number of contractors for the work I need to be done.

It is important that you trust your contractor. Make sure that your contractor comes over to your house to analyze what the problem is and discusses about different methods to solve it. Contradictory to this there are many contractors who may just try to solve the problem over the phone without even checking the system personally. It is important to check the quality of work and the material used rather than the cost of the service.

  • Indoor Air Quality should not be Considered

In recent times, homes are constructed tighter than they used to be. According to the Environment Protection Agency(EPA), the indoor pollutants sum up to be 2 to 5 times higher than those found in the air outdoors. The pollutants such as tobacco, smoke and animal dander can prove to be harmful for humans, causing asthma and different kinds of allergies.

  • The installation of the system can be done by anyone as the manufacturer is responsible for all the repair work that follows.

It is true that the manufacturer promises repairs and replacement of parts up to a certain period of time. But, there are various conditions under which this warranty can be availed. Many companies, state repair and replacement are given only if there is a manufacturing defect or caused due to a mistake of the company’s professional during the repair work. Thus, installation of a system should be done by a registered professional and an employee of the company that has manufactured the system.

All the above and many more such myths are a reason for people to later on regret on the decisions they have taken regarding the maintenance issues about the heating and cooling systems. Thus, one needs to be careful and should find out all the clauses before believing in such myths. For people living in Englewood Colorado, there are many Heating Contractors who promise to give the best available services. Selecting the best among them, is something that one needs to focus on.